Live by Heart™ is about living a life filled with joy. Living with awareness.  For decades, the founders of Live by Heart™ have worked with and helped thousands of people struggling with physical and emotional challenges. Generally speaking, these clients have the intention to change their beliefs and behaviors but most often fall back on their habits and addictions.

Many times, a client will take a belief like “I’m not good enough” and start rehearsing to themselves, “I am good, I am awesome,” but their deep emotions reflect in their behaviors, such as their relationship with food, their interactions with others, and their addictions they can’t seem to shake. These behaviors do not match the affirmation they are speaking.

It’s natural for an emotion to change a behavior in any given moment. However, if we allow that emotion to drive the behavior, and that behavior turns into a habit, it can become damaging.  We find ourselves out of balance.

The Live by Heart System is designed to help people become balanced or, to help people get in sync, by increasing their awareness of their behaviors and habits as they approach everyday living. This can be evidenced anywhere from our relationships with others to our relationship with food.

As our awareness increases, and we are able to use the tools given us to move through the challenges that face us, our approach to life changes.  Our thoughts and actions become more considered and conscious.  We begin to feel and understand our relationships with family, friends, and work associates. We start to see what our relationship is with food. We begin to have a choice.

Our desired outcome is to help people have more awareness and thereby have a more complete, balanced, and peaceful life.

Come join us.

Live by Heart and live life in joy.

Ronald Wayman

Jennifer Marie