Our Vision: 

We believe in sharing joy because it changes people.

Founders Ronald Wayman and Jennifer Marie have helped thousands of people struggling with physical and emotional challenges. Now, they’ve joined together to offer the teachings and nutritional support to live a more balanced life with more intentional habits and self-care routines.

Our Founders


As a Neuro-Energy Kinesiologist, Certified Enzyme Nutritionist and Empowerment Emotional Coach, Ron’s work with thousands of clients has provided him phenomenal insight and understanding of the emotional and physical challenges that holds people back from achieving true joy in their lives.


Jennifer knows first-hand the power of Living by Heart. She has faced and conquered overwhelming personal challenges in her life. As a health and nutrition coach, she has a gift for bringing clarity into people’s lives. She has 20 years experience helping others to become free of emotional chains tied to issues with weight, addictions, and anxiety. Her passion is to empower others to choose joy in their journey.